Docker is Radical : A Discussion with Intersystems Community Manager

Featuring Evgeny Shvarov | June 21, 2019

In this episode of Stay Tuned With Opsani, we speak with Evgeny Shvarov of Intersystems about just how radical Docker actually has been for companies. We discuss how it’s not an exaggeration for Intersystems to say the technology has changed the life of the whole industry.

Podcast Transcription

Announcer: Hello, and welcome to Opsani Radio. In this episode Courtney Kehl speaks with Evgeny Shvarov of InterSystems about just how radical Docker actually has been for companies. In fact, according to Evgeny it’s not an exaggeration to say that technology has changed the life of the whole industry.

Courtney: So tell me your name and which company you are with?

Evgeny: Evgeny Shvarov; StartUp and Community Manager from InterSystems Corporation.

Courtney: Great; so you’re the Community Manager at InterSystems? What does InterSystems do?

Evgeny: InterSystems is a data platform company and they recently delivered a new product, IRIS, a data platform which is closed in a continualized form so you are able to use it in Docker containers, so to build your laptop with one line of code.

Courtney: Great; and how long has InterSystems been around?

Evgeny: Oh, about seven years already.

Courtney: Oh; great, okay, you guys are well established. Very cool; so have you been at DockerCon before?

Evgeny: Yes; I did, it’s my first DockerCon. I’m well impressed; I think this is really pivotal technology and so it literally changes the landscape of IT and I’m happy that we are in existence.

Courtney: So when you say it changes the landscape of IT, in what way? Are you noticing some differences in the audiences or differences in technology, differences in the needs?

Evgeny: Definitely there are a lot of differences in what we see. First, is the way how to develop the new applications, so it’s totally different. So your life is changed from first – take this case when you can set up the environment in several seconds, and previously, before Docker you spend weeks just to set up the environment, and another thing is scalability. Yes; so with this approach, yes, scale is a new thing.

Courtney: Is there any sacrifice in the performance you’re seeing with this? As you mentioned the applications are being scaled?

Evgeny: Yes; actually, nothing goes if you don’t sacrifice something, right? You need to sacrifice something.

Courtney: Sure.

Evgeny: Yes; but with Docker I think it’s still new technology and there are still some big challenging problems or some – basically issues which will be solved. I think maybe in a year or two, maybe approximately five years we don’t imagine any IT infrastructure to be developed without Docker; I think maybe it’s not only Docker, or something similar will go like this; this continualized approach.

Courtney: Right; well, and it’s just the technology, we need to keep up with the needs of all the other businesses.

Evgeny: Yeah; and what we see is that almost all the IT companies see the value and they are trying to get along with this, and we already see some unicorns to build their new businesses with – only with this approach and because of this approach.

Courtney: Sure; and breaking out?

Evgeny: Yes; actually, it’s amazing to be part of this; like this conference by DockerCon. I totally recommend visiting this because this networking will mean to see changes – just to see how the – see whether guys of Docker company, how bright are their eyes, how they understand that what they are doing is changing the life of the whole industry.

Courtney: Sure; people have to change their approach in how they’re building out their roadmap and their landscape of their own companies?

Evgeny: Exactly; yeah.

Courtney: All right; great. Well, it sounds like we’re going to see you back here again next year?

Evgeny: Let’s see; let’s see where we will be, yeah. As people say winter is [coming].

Courtney: Right.

Evgeny: Okay.

Courtney: Well, thanks so much for your time. It was nice talking to you.

Evgeny: You’re welcome.

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