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Opsani AI is always working to fine-tune your application performance to increase maximum potential and profit, even if it’s something humans wouldn’t think of. It integrates with your CI/CD toolchain to optimize your production, or testing environment, for fully autonomous operations.

Opsani AI is continuously searching for optimal settings and implementing solutions. It manipulates resources and application environmental settings to achieve huge benefits in cost and performance.


*As observed during specific
case studies conducted during 2018

Most optimization tools focus on code and the app layer, yet bottlenecks in the middleware, OS and infrastructure layers can have a profound impact on performance and cost. Opsani optimizes your application performance by measuring the parameters that matter most to you (like requests per second or response time) while tweaking hundreds of settings like VM instance type, CPU shares, thread count, garbage collection and memory pool sizes.

How Opsani works

The Opsani neural network learns the characteristics of your application and how it ticks. This allows Opsani to optimize your application with pinpoint accuracy for maximum efficiency gains. Opsani AI modifies resources, middleware configuration, kernel parameters and application specific parameters within your application to drastically increase the performance to cost ratio.


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