Opsani Launches Optune – AI Driven Continuous Optimization Service for Cloud Applications

Optune Service Boosts Performance and Efficiency to Ensure Cost Predictability for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

KubeCon 2018 — Booth S/E12, Seattle, WA – April 22, 2019

Opsani, the leading provider of machine learning-enabled autonomous operations for DevOps, today announced the introduction of Optune — the first automated continuous optimization service to improve both performance and cost for cloud applications. Optune uses AI to automatically adjust resources and parameters across the full application stack to maximize efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction.

“A lot of companies deal with performance by over provisioning and it costs them both customers and money,“ said Ross Schibler, CEO, Opsani. “We designed Optune to achieve optimal efficiency, not just manage cost. Improving app performance helps our customers drive top-line revenue. Improving efficiency of their infrastructure saves them money too.”

“DevOps and microservices enable new application features to be brought out quickly, but as a result application infrastructure (microservices, containers, cloud instances) becomes complex,” said Peter Nickolov, CTO, Opsani. “There are literally trillions of parameter combinations for each application. Using machine learning, Optune automatically selects the optimal combinations of infrastructure parameters in real time for every given workload, to quickly optimize for performance and efficiency. People set the business goals, while the AI performs the task.”


Optune gives enterprises visibility and control in balancing user experience, cost and performance to match their current business needs.

The service is fast to implement and get results, often within a few days. Optune integrate easily with CI/CD toolchains to automatically deliver results.

Optune delivers automatic and continuous optimization. It adapts as companies release new code, when middleware updates are implemented and even when cloud vendors offer new instance types.


The Optune Continuous Optimization Service is available immediately. At  booth S/E12 during KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America , December 10-13 in Seattle, WA, the company will demonstrate how AI driven continuous optimization  improves performance and efficiency of cloud and microservices infrastructure. For a quick overview go to https://opsani.com/. For a live demo contact us at info@opsani.host.misfit.co.

About Opsani
Opsani is a leading provider of Machine Learning driven automation to enable autonomous operations for DevOps teams. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, who pioneered some of the major innovations that power current IT, Opsani applies AI to automatically improve operations of applications and cloud infrastructure to achieve better performance. For more information, visit https://opsani.com.

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