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How do I improve performance of the app on the cloud?

How do I improve performance of the app on the cloud? This is a common question DevOps engineers are faced with on the daily. Manually tuning their apps is no longer scalable and they need a solution that is quick and efficient. That is where continuous optimization comes in. Continuous Optimization is an additional layer to the CI/ CD pipeline. It’s the third essential phase of the pipeline to achieve maximum efficiency by maximizing application performance while reducing cloud cost. This is done by improving the overall performance of the application by running continuously and autonomously. 

How does continuous optimization improve app performance?

As code is sent out, it measures the performance of the new code, while observing the measurements and comparing it to the metrics of the performance of the previous release. Based on these measurements, prediction adjustments to the configurations are made to improve app performance and cost. These adjustments are then executed by the AI technology.

After the configurations and measurements are taken, a test is done to compare it to other configurations. All of the metrics are then compared to the prior history of the application. A cycle of prediction is then created to determine what adjustment is needed next for the application to reach maximum potential.

How is this done?

We tune our performance by adapting to the changing code, infrastructure, and middleware libraries. This is done by adding continuous optimization as the final stage to the CI/CD pipeline. Contrary to DevOps, tuning is now part of the timeline.

The key overall benefits of optimization are the reduction of costs, improved app performance, and optimization of critical business metrics. Research shows that continuous optimization maximizes application performance while reducing 50-70% in cloud spend, and a 210% increase in cloud performance. Evidently, continuous optimization is necessary for elite application management and performance. 

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