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Performance Per Dollar Gains

Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, has gone enterprise-wide with Opsani’s AI driven continuous optimization service to optimize the performance and efficiency of Ancestry cloud applications. By choosing to integrate advanced machine learning tools for cloud optimization into its existing CI/CD pipeline, Ancestry is able to achieve stellar performance, efficiency and a better customer experience with every new version release.

At Ancestry, our customer obsession drives us to continuously innovate and use cutting-edge technology to empower journeys of personal discovery for millions of our users. As the company continues to grow and invest in new products, our performance and efficiency are more important than ever.

Opsani will allow us to maintain optimal performance of our cloud resources and gain visibility and control to manage costs in an increasingly complex environment.

Russ Barnett, Chief Architect, Ancestry.

The Challenge

Ancestry has more than three million paying subscribers and a collection of over 20 billion records. The company moved its operations to the cloud to enable it to scale with its customer base and implemented CI/CD processes to facilitate rapid feature rollout. However, with rapid growth in both its user base and the range of products it provides, Ancestry was hard-pressed to ensure that it was achieving optimum performance, efficiency, and customer experience with its cloud applications. Ancestry was looking to:

  • Successfully implement cloud cost optimization
  • Improve performance predictability
  • Determine efficient runtime settings
  • Protect and improve user experience
  • Expedite new code releases

The Opsani Solution

The integration of Opsani adds a new best practice to Ancestry’s CI/CD toolkit: automated Continuous Optimization (CO). By using Opsani’s AI-driven CO technology enterprise-wide, Ancestry’s DevOps teams have gained:

  • Superpowers to securely test the performance and efficiency of trillions of potential cloud application runtime settings while automatically deploying optimal configurations
  • Confidence in knowing their applications are running at the highest performance and at the lowest cost.
  • Loyalty from happy customers!

Early results demonstrate:

  • Up to 230% performance per dollar gains
  • An average of 50%+ in cloud cost reduction